Pimentón de la Vera D.O.


As a continuation of the bet that has been developing www.Nasmeca.com for the food sector, we announce a new agreement for the distribution and sale of Pimentón de La Vera, under the Protected Designation of Origin “Pimentón de la Vera”.


The pepper is a plant from South America introduced in our country after the conquest of the new world at the end of the fifteenth century. He found in the microclimate of our regions of the north of Cáceres the ideal conditions for its crop.

In the XIX it was established its cultivation for the manufacture of paprika from La Vera, whose process has survived to this day, practically intact.

The peppers collected by hand and carefully selected by the farmers of the area are dehydrated in dryers with ilex or oak firewood in a process that lasts for 10 or 12 days, which gives the paprika its unique characteristics of aroma, flavor and color stability.

After arriving at our facilities we proceed to the storage and selection of the peppers, to later proceed to their stoning and grinding.


The Pimentón de la Vera, a genuinely handmade product, unique in concept and preparation, has had the pride of reaching the category of “Protected Designation of Origin” (Order APA / 4178/2005 of December 22).

With this distinction, the paprika gets the necessary qualification to give value to its excellent quality and preparation properties, very appreciated by the final consumer, who from now on, will have in his hands a product brimming with nature and flavor, selected under a rigorous quality control.


In the first phase, the fruit is crushed and dried and without the peduncle or tail. The result of this process is stored in one of the compartments of the main hopper.

Subsequently, the mills are supplied with a system of augers. Once in the mill, which is equipped with two stones and controlling the temperature and level of friction of the same, it proceeds to its grinding and transfer (in closed circuit) by systems of augers and suction, back to the main hopper. This process is repeated four or five times until it is completely ground according to the criteria of the master miller.

As the last step of grinding, the paprika passes through Catalan stone for its total refinement, collecting in sacks for cooling and microbiological and quality analysis.

Finally, the paprika is introduced in a mixer where it is subjected to an ozonation process for the elimination of bacteria and for its subsequent sieving and packaging.


The Pimentón de la Vera is traditionally appreciated for its direct consumption, as well as for the preparation of sausages.

Therefore, there are many peppers that, without being so, are said of La Vera. How to distinguish them from others?

Only the one that carries in its container the label of the Denomination of Origin “Pimentón de la Vera”, guarantees its origin.


Because this label is only granted to those peppers controlled by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin.

How is this control performed?

The Regulatory Council monitors and controls both the cultivation and the manufacturing process and provides numbered labels to the packaging industries, once the lots covered by the Designation of Origin have been qualified.

The Pimentón de la Vera, accredited by its numbered label, is also distinguished by its characteristics of aroma, flavor and color stability.

The aroma and flavor is obtained thanks to the traditional smoke drying system. The color stability is a consequence of the high degree of fixation of carotenes that is produced in the pepper throughout its cultivation in the La Vera microclimate and in the drying process.

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