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Nasmeca and Dunas Travel present new fashion project

Nasmeca and Dunas Travel present the new event to be developed soon in Cairo, Fashion Nas, a forum and fashion showroom aimed at the presentation and promotion of European fashion brands and designers in Egypt and Arab Countries. Fashion Nas was presented to the Egyptian media, having an exceptional reception, at the 2nd Sports Tourism Forum held in Cairo on March 25 last.

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Nabil Almoukri and Carlos García attend the 2nd Sports Tourism Forum in Cairo (Egypt) as an integral part of the coordination, as well as to contribute to the development of future events scheduled for 2017 to continue with the commitment acquired from the promotion of business tourism in Egypt. The next event scheduled by Nasmeca to be held in September 2017 in Cairo is the FASHION NAS, fashion forum and showroom, which we will discuss shortly in the following press […]

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Pimentón de la Vera D.O.

PIMENTON DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN OF LA VERA As a continuation of the bet that has been developing www.Nasmeca.com for the food sector, we announce a new agreement for the distribution and sale of Pimentón de La Vera, under the Protected Designation of Origin “Pimentón de la Vera”. PIMENTÓN HISTORY The pepper is a plant from South America introduced in our country after the conquest of the new world at the end of the fifteenth century. He found in the microclimate […]

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