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FASHION NAS is a point of meeting among the Arabic World and the European placed in the universe of the mode.

It summons businessmen, investors, key figures of the sector and managerial leaders to debate and to establish commercial relations. The event will promote the trends, designs and innovations of the sector and will facilitate the contacts among suppliers and investors of the world of the mode .


  • The recent liberalization of the financial sector is attracting the foreign capitals to the country 
    of the Nile.
  • The privatization of the Bank of Alexandría or the entries of foreign banks like HSBC Pireus Bank, Citibank are a good example of the favorable situation. 
  • Distribution chains like Makro and Carrefour are present in Cairo and Alexandria, and up to the Swedish Ikea it has put her eyes in Egypt.
  • In addition, fashionable franchises and restoration proliferate in malls of the whole country.
  • Among the possible models of business, the franchise is positioned like preferred of the Egyptians, receiving the support of the government and of the private sector.

The business dedicated to the confection, distribution, commercial distribution, furniture and decoration, they add 49 % of the current franchises of the country according to a study of the Social Found For Development. These business centers geographically in both principal nucleuses of the country Cairo 75 % and Alexandria 13 %.

92 millions of residents
25,2 years medium age
Large and strategic market
Geographic and political axis between Mediterranean countries , Africa and Middle East

El Cairo: 22,5 M in her metropolitan area (El Cairo, Guiza, Kalyoubia)
Alejandría 4, 4M
Port Said: 604.000
Suez: 550.000

In the environment of a country in full growth, the sector of the mode climbs positions in the
industrial and financial fabric, and is consolidated as an emergent industry but with big
short-term perspectives.



  • Egypt is experiencing an important opening to the western world. If there is a sectorthat I emphasized it is precisely that of the mode, which co nstitutes a powerful economic engine and is a model too confirmed in countries of west.
  • There are great designers of international renown that has put his look in the Former Egypt, concretely in the queen Cleopatra as the maximum exponent of aesthetics and beauty of the history.
  • It is necessary to emphasize the parade of high seam that John Galiano organized for the French Maisson Dior in 2004, one of most reminded and applauded by the experts.
  • But not only of the inspiration of the Former Egypt the country lives nowadays, the mode has turned into a very competitive sector inside the Egyptian society and the franchises of wardrobe and complements they answer in the principal cities.
  • In the actual moment, there are many fashion designers in Egypt with more than a good trajectory in the Egyptian fashion world, like Amina Khalil (Amina K.), Ahmed Azzam (Zaam), Farah El Ashiry (Fufa), Farida Temraz (Temraza) or Sami Amin.


The exhibitions and fairs are the most economic and effective way ofearning market share.

The y constitute the most complete tool of communication where a direct interaction takes place among buyer and seller, the “face-to-face one” where five senses are activated. They allow obtaining a great volume of information in a short period of time.

They are the suitable place to establish commercial relations: a point of meeting with current and potential clients, presenting new services and products.

They allow comparing to the competence with the proper company: the portfolio of products/services, the position on the market, the degree of satisfaction of the clients, price policy, etc

  • They provide an immediate feedback in the introduction of new products and / or improvements in the existing ones.
  • The fairs in addition, they have a high impact on the process of decision of purchase.
  • They are fundamental to find opportunities of export. The commercial fairs provide the access to the international market to a low cost. They are the perfect platform for the internalization of the companies.
  • They help to reinforce the image of the company on the outside.
  • They are a great opportunity to identify and to establish relations with suppliers, investors, importers, distributors, etc.
  • The fairs are the most effective place where to take the pulse of the market, to know the current and future trends.
  • It is a place of exchange among professionals of the sector


  • NASMECA will organize a methodological and strategic plan for the correct development and success of the FASHION NAS.

  • The methodology continues the plan of organization of NASMECA’s events, confirmed and supported by the works realized previously.

  • The point of game of the above mentioned plan they will be the meetings among buyers and sellers.


FASHION NAS is directed companies and professionals of the sector of the MODE who want to expose his products and services in an international environment orientated to the commercial relations among Europe and Middle East and Arabian Countries


Agent / Chain of store/ Retailers / Manufacturers /Department stores/
Big surfaces / Importer – whole sales / Shop online /Sector franchises/
Representation image agencies/Model agencies/Communication and Press
officers/Bloggers – Influencers


– – To show his products / services to his objective public
– – To create or to reinforce the visibility of the brand
– – To be present at the researches and to spread information
– – New potential clients to identify and to strengthen the existing ones
– – To establish commercial ascending and descending links
– – Opportunities of negotiation with all the actors of the sector
– – To develop a net of commercial contacts


To announce the FASHION NAS the following shares will be realized:

  • Direct promotion to: foreign companies, institutions, organizations and merchants.
  • Promotion across net of communication: sector of foreign relations, associations, chambers of commerce and organizations of promotion to the trade.
  • Public promotion across sectorial press by means of announcements and commercial international articles, external web sites and participation in fairs with stand in the exterior.
  • Promotion worldwide across direct marketing communication in specialized international press, embassies, international organizations and agents of promotion.
  • Materials of communication: Important to emphasize the name of the fair, the logo, the slogan and the visual identity.
  • The materials must be tools for the promotion: leaflet, invitation, program, guide of the exhibitor, guide for the visitor, form of request, confirmation of the inscription, guide of field, announcements in press, posters, banners, press releases, stickers, emblems, web site


  • Contributions of financing, technology and advising Alliances of cooperation among actors of the sector.
  • Visit of managerial Arabic groups and representatives of big fortunes.
  • Promotion to local, national and international level Added value
  • Adoption of managerial services
  • Positioning of the product
  • Development of the productive sector
  • Recognition of the region or country
  • New ideas of business
  • Strengthening of the productive chain


DAY 1 Date : To confirm

19:00 … Welcome in airport
19:20 … Steps of visa
20:30 … Transerf to hotel
21:00 … Dinner in hotel
22:30 … Performance in the gardens of the hotel (assistants’meetings)

DAY 2 Date : To confirm

09:00…Breakfast inhotel
10:00…Promotional activities of the event, press conference and business appointment among interested companies of the sector of the mode in Egypt and theArabic Countries.
14:00…Lunch inhotel BUFETE
15.00…Free time
16.00…Free time
20.00…Dinner in hotel BUFETE

DAY 3 Date : To confirm

09:00…Breakfast inhotel
10:00…Visit to the Citadelof Saladino
14:00…Lunch in hotel
15.00…Free time
16.00…Free time
17:00…Visit al Archaeological Museum of Cairo
19:30…Withdrawal of the archaeological museum of Cairo
21.00…Dinner in the ship ” The Saraya” on Nile with spectacle dances of theabdomen
23:00…Transfer tohotel

DAY 4 Date : To confirm



DAY 5 Date : To confirm

09:00 … Breakfast in hotel
10:00 … Visits to the Pyramids of Keops, Kefren, Micerinos and theSphinx
14:00 … Lunch in the restaurant CHRISTO
16.00 … Transfer to the Hotel
17:00 … Free
19:00 … Visits to Khan el-Khalili market
21.00 … Dinner in typical Restaurant
23:00 … Transfer to the hotel

DAY 6 Date : To confirm

Breakfast and exit, at the foreseen hour I move to the airport to realize target flight to native land.End of our services.

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