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NASMECA is a platform aimed at the integral management of all types of Products & Services

Collaborating Agent Nasmeca.

Belong to the Nasmeca platform, delegating and presenting Nasmeca products and services in your region or country, as we faithfully believe in the business synergies that can be made with different professionals to achieve an objective of the best and most efficient way possible.

We would like to have collaborating Agents, responsible for sales, who are interested in delegating international companies in the Middle East or Arab countries.

We want to encourage you to belong to the Nasmeca team

General conditions of use collaborating agent of the NASMECA

The AGENT will sign an agent contract with Nasmeca as an indispensable requirement to start collaborating. This contract will be a physical contract that will be sent to the agent’s address and it will return signed.

The relationship between THE AGENT and Nasmeca will be purely commercial and subject to the clauses of the signed physical contract.

The AGENT will not receive payments from clients under any circumstances.

The AGENT has to have business contacts and clients in the Middle East and demonstrable Arab North African countries.

The AGENT IS NOT, or cannot be an agent for other companies also for products similar to the PRODUCTS or SERVICES.

NASMECA designates the AGENT, so that, with the diligence and good faith with which it acts in such capacity, it represents it in the promotion and sale of the PRODUCTS or SERVICES in the AGENT'S TERRITORY.

All representation and derivative expenses for the development of the agent's work will be paid by the AGENT.

The AGENT is NOT authorized to make offers and close sales.

NASMECA undertakes to make available to the AGENT the catalogs corresponding to the PRODUCTS or SERVICES, as well as the representation samples that are required in each particular case.

The AGENT will request to represent a product or service through a form.

The AGENT may request representation samples in particular cases for commercial use.

The AGENT undertakes to immediately inform NASMECA of the request of the interested parties to any type of negotiation of the PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

The AGENT undertakes to work so that NASMECA reaches a minimum volume of sales according to its PRODUCT or SERVICE and its viability, according to the demand of the markets.


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