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NASMECA born in the year 2013, with the clear objective of becoming a benchmark of quality and service in its sector.

  • For customers our differentiator is that we are a results-oriented and total quality in offering our services professional team, actually doing our business vision to provide value in the business strategy of our clients.
  • Grounded primarily with a business model sustained long-term development, It has a highly qualified management team, with the clear objective of becoming a reference in terms of service, quality and success within the sector.
  • As a company we have a clear focus on quality and meeting the needs of our customers, aligning its objectives and a results-oriented management, based on teamwork, The experience, professionalism and confidentiality guarantee the quality of all services we provide to our customers.
  • Our main activity is to provide viable alternatives policy and trade strategy our European customers, having our activity focused mainly on the Middle East market, We are specialized in developing, establish, consolidate and recover business and trade relations of European companies in Middle East countries.
  • In all the activity we develop have a clearly differentiated approach, We are formally committed to achieving results for our clients, combining technical and commercial aspects and providing strategic ability to meet the needs of their business.








  1. Opening of European markets in the Middle East.
  2. Active search for commercial and strategic referral partners in the Middle East.
  3. Promotion activity in fairs and congresses of European products and services in the Middle East.
  4. commercial management and brokerage services.
  5. Consolidation and growth of previous business of European companies in the Middle Oriene.
  6. Development and presentation of European projects in the Middle East.
  7. presentation platform for international investment.
  8. Technical and business consultancy specialized by sector.


The sectors in which mainly focus our activity are as follows:



















NASMECA It is a company with a section dedicated to sports marketing. We want to help international companies in an imaginative and economical way to achieve their goals of marketing and communication using sport and the introduction and opening of markets in the Middle East and Arab countries.




  • sports marketing .
  • Organization and development of sports events: congress, seminars, Preseason stages and for clubs federated national and international football elite and amateur, International friendly matches.
  • Business Relationship, agencies, clubs, federations, schools ... etc, besides exploitation of large spaces for sports centers and clubs buying and selling.
  • Through our management model, We are in continuous contact with potential customers that relate and add value to our project.


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In NASMECA we believe that the combination between tourism and business is always a good starting point when introduced in foreign countries to promote the services and products of our customers, therefore we devote a very large section of our work to the conjunction of these two terms: Tourism and Business.

Bussines Nasmeca is a company established in Spain, experienced over 25 years in Saudi Arabia, so we have absolute knowledge of culture, language, traditions and customs of our customers in the Arab world. That is why we offer our services within, personnel with knowledge of the customs and Arab culture and the full knowledge of their language for easier communication of our clients.


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Given the high demand for works and projects in the Middle East, whose activity in all matters concerning the construction has long been a world leader, far exceeding the West today, because of the existing global financial crisis. The Arab world and the Middle East are now one of the first power development of major projects, and where European and Spanish companies are highly prized for their extensive background, experience and good work for years.

All activities developed in the Middle East will focus on the introduction and positioning of the brand and / or European companies in the Arab world, relying on a solid and qualified network for the development of such projects. In addition we also organize sightseeing trips for our Arab business customers interested in Europe.


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Within the broad meaning of the word Culture, we mean that in NASMECA bet on everything related to culture, given the whole team that forms the company we are very involved in this area, among other things due to our passion for the different cultural sectors, covering of cultural events, from cultural festivals, to fashion and film, to falconry events and championships.

Our business vision, as well as the breadth of meaning of the word Culture, It is a global vision, where we are able to identify smaller and smaller spaces in a market in constant development, setting ourselves targets positioning and development for our clients in expanding their services to the Middle East and Arab countries or vice versa, presenting and developing cultural projects in the Arab world in Europe.


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Nasmeca Bussines offers services such as event organizer, congresses and fairs brands and companies from different business sectors, taking into account the objectives and aspirations of brands interested in the development and introduction or consolidation in the market of the Middle East and Arab countries. These business activities are also developed in reverse for companies and brands in the Arab world and the Middle East who want to open or expand their market its products in Europe, having our main focus on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Bussines Nasmeca is a company established in Spain, experienced over 25 years in Saudi Arabia, so we have absolute knowledge of culture, language, traditions and customs of our customers in the Arab world. That is why we offer our services within, personnel with knowledge of the customs and Arab culture and the full knowledge of their language for easier communication of our clients.

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Nasmeca Bussines offers the possibility to its customers in the Middle East and Arab countries, to have the most advanced services for the time spent traveling is as comfortable, fast and efficient as possible, having multiple services to provide the greatest comfort for the whole trip business is the most rewarding.

These VIP services, They are intended for customers who want extra comfort in all its efforts, and to combine business with pleasure or other matters that the client demands.


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Nabil Al Moukri Santos


Carlos Garcia

delegate Investment – Feeding

Rufo Collado

Presidente R1-Responsible Sports Nasmeca

Attia Yamany

Delegate Tourism Middle East

Ahmed Ali Alsaleh

Kuwait Delegate

José Requena

Director R1 – Responsible Sports Nasmeca




Press conference at the El Watan newspaper

Press conference at the El Watan newspaper after the closing of the forum, with the assistance of Spanish press also, and attended by the Commercial Director of Atletico Madrid, Guillermo Moraleda and Director of External Relations Sports Council (CSD), Enrique Ramón, Travel company Dunas THROUGH […]

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Delivery of honorific shirt

Sign of affection, admiration and mutual respect for two great professionals. Rufo Collado, representing the Granada CF, honorable delivers first team shirt Nabil Almoukri, of Nasmeca, during the closing ceremony of the 2nd Sports Tourism Forum held in Cairo last 26 of March.

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Nasmeca soon Dunas Travel and present new fashion project

Nasmeca Dunas Travel and present the new event to develop soon in Cairo, In Fashion, a forum and fashion showroom intended for presentation and promotion of European brands and fashion designers in Egypt and Arab Countries. Fashion Nas was presented to the Egyptian media, having an exceptional welcome, in […]

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Nasmeca present at the 2nd International Forum on Sport Tourism Cairo

Nasmeca has been present as an event coordinator and assistant at the 2nd International Forum on Sport Tourism Cairo through its CEO, Nabil Almoukri Santos y Carlos García. The event was held in Cairo, besides Nasmeca, they went over 100 and media companies including director […]

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  • Avenida Lisbon 13, Coslada . MADRID – SPAIN
  • +34 655 45 13 43


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